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Artificial caviar in capsules.

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Искусственная икра

Artificial caviar.

Artificial caviar with seaweed has specific taste of a laminaria and fish. The artificial product has evenly painted structure with balls of a yellowish shade that obviously distinguishes them from the original. Berries to the touch more rigid, springing on properties, reminding gelatinous consistence and escaping when squeezing by their fingers. Characteristic of the real peephole caviar they have no.

Now a basis of industrial production of caviar artificial products – gelatinous technology. Let's notice that even the artificial product has the categories of quality. In preparation of the best grades of a substitute natural seafood is used: meat of fishes of valuable breeds and extract of sea flora (alga). The artificial product and natural caviar have only external similarity, their tastes are not similar at all. It would be wrong to compare these two products, they have absolutely different biochemical structure. And the cost of a fake it is striking below the original. Let's try to understand that represents and whether the imitated salmon caviar has advantage and also as it is made.

How to distinguish natural red caviar from artificial caviar. It is simple to distinguish the salmon original from an artificial analog, and first of all, on appearance: caviar from seaweed has lighter shade. Its taste also differs from an original product from a salmon. It cannot be told about caviar on the basis of cod-liver oil: on properties it is almost identical natural, even has plasticity which allows to feel the berries bursting in a mouth.

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