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Oil of seeds of a kiwi in capsules.

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Масло семян киви

Oil of seeds of a kiwi in capsules.

Oil from seeds of a kiwi is applied to restoration of dry skin, by means of it it is possible to remove inflammations and to look after sensitive skin. It is a fine humidifier, is applied at eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, promotes normal production of a sebum at the increased fat content, carefully looks after and softens thin skin around eyes.

Oil of seeds of a kiwi contains a large amount of nonsaturated fatty acids, it is well absorbed in skin, promoting penetration into deep layers terms of other biologically active components, is a natural enkhanser by the nature. Linoleic, linolenic and arakhidonovy acids are material for production of the gormonopodobny substances operating inflammatory reaction - prostagrandin. For this reason, at a lack of these fatty acids (especially linolenic) skin becomes angry and inclined to inflammation.

Unique oil, thanks to contents in it up to 65% an omega 3 acids. Also valuably simultaneous existence in natural structure omega-6 acids. Stimulates renewal of cells of skin, accelerating maturing and a differentiation of keratinotsit, reduces the phenomena of a follicular giperkeratoz at an acne disease, restores a lipidic barrier. Highly effectively humidifies and protects from moisture loss. It is perfectly absorbed, is suitable even for sensitive skin. Moistening happens without greasy luster. Slightly bleaches and levels tone of skin.

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