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OMEGA-9in capsules.

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Omega-9 in capsules.

Omega-9-nonsaturated fatty acids are not irreplaceable fatty acids (essentsialny) unlike the classes Omega-3-nenasyshchennye fatty acids and Omega-6-nenasyshchennye fatty acids. An omega-9 of acid can be synthesized by a human body [2] from nonsaturated ω-3 and ω-6-zhirny acids and, therefore, are not necessary in a diet, besides absence the omega-6 of double communication prevents their transformation into eykozanoida.

The omega-9 is the nonsaturated fatty acids helping to reduce the cholesterol level, to support the correct level of glucose, strengthening immune system and reducing risk of oncological diseases.

Monononsaturated fatty acids influence cellular membranes, allowing nutrients and hormones to get into cages freely. It can longer help to keep youth therefore in Japan life expectancy record. The omega-9 can help combustion of fats, but we do not recommend food rich with fats for people inclined to excess weight. Yes, these acids can be received from nuts and dairy products, but together with them you receive also a big portion of calories therefore everything has to be moderately.

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