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Badger fat in capsules.

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Барсучий жир

Badger fat in capsules.

Badger fat holds a specific place among means which are actively used in nonconventional medicine. It is applied several centuries to elimination of the most various diseases and illnesses. Besides, it should be noted that fat of this animal is also actively used in medicine as an effective remedy for elimination or prevention of illnesses.

In badger fat huge amount of different useful and active agents and also vitamins. Also it contains a large amount of various minerals which ensure full, normal and trouble-free functioning of all organism. Fat of a badger is so rich with different substances that, thanks to it, the animal can successfully endure even the most severe winter and the beginning of spring. In badger fat there are such elements and vitamins, useful to a human body, as: the minerals, polynonsaturated acids, vitamin complexes belonging to group B, A and E.

In traditional medicine fat of a badger is quite often used during elimination of different diseases which arise in the musculoskeletal device of an organism. For example, with its help it is possible to carry out therapy of arthritis, osteochondrosis or arthrosis. Also the medicines made on the basis of badger fat actively are applied during treatment of prostatitis, an erosion of a neck of the uterus, prostatitis.

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