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Oil saflorovy in capsules.

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Масло safflower

Oil saflorovy in capsules.

Components of saflorovy oil have the increased antioxidant activity therefore are capable to prevent injuries of kidneys by free radicals. In other words, this natural vegetable oil reduces risk of development of diseases of the kidneys (nephropathy) tied with diabetes. Metanolny extract carthamuses considerably reduces sugar level in blood at laboratory animals.

You should not store oil at the room temperature, it is desirable to put it to colder place and especially to avoid hit of sunshine on packing. At formation of bitterness or changes in consistence the product needs to be utilized as its use can do a lot of harm to an organism.

Saflorovy oil also has a number of irreplaceable cosmetic qualities. Soothing and antioxidant properties of saflorovy oil help with healing of wounds, strengthen regeneration, remove inflammations. Seeds oil carthamuses goes for preparation of massage oil compositions, sunblock creams, the lotions moisturizing and the calming cosmetics. Saflorovy oil slows down process of emergence of wrinkles, softens, smoothes and hydrates skin.

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