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Menthol oil in capsules.

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Ментоловое масло

Menthol oil in capsules.

Menthol oil has quite wide range of application. First, it is popular in pharmaceutics and is a part of many medicines. Make anesthetics, antiviral medicines of it. Menthol is the main component all of the known validol. The food branch adds it in the course of production of confectionery, different drinks and also chewing gums. It is added by production of detergents and air fresheners.

Menthol oil consists of various essential oils which work differently depending on the place of use. At oral application oil is appointed for therapy of functional gastrointestinal frustration. In this case active ingredient can reduce inflammation and improve digestive processes. Medicine also stimulates bronchial secretion therefore can be useful at inflammation of the top airways. The most widespread side effects: syndrome vertigo, tsefalgiya and frustration of a dream.

Menthol hair oil. At regular use of masks growth of hair as oil stimulates blood circulation in the investigation of what amplifies roots of hair become stronger and growth of hair improves. Reduces production of sebaceous glands, eliminates dandruff, an itch and irritation. At its use hair look healthy, gloss appears. Oil can be added to shampoo for daily use on 3 drops for the portion or to do masks for hair. At oily skin of a hairy part of the head and an oily hair take 2 yolks, 1 teaspoon of juice of a lemon and 4 drops of oil.

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