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Oil of stones of a tomato in capsules.

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Масло косточек томата

Oil of stones of a tomato in capsules.

Oil of stones of a tomato a source of irreplaceable polynonsaturated fatty acids and richness of antioxidants (carotinoids, flavonoids and polyphenols) and also vitamins and minerals (mainly, vitamin E, With, copper, iron, zinc and manganese). Thanks to such structure and properties this remarkable vegetable oil perfectly works as independent cosmetic and as a component of anti-aging cosmetics used for tired, the dry and combined skin.

Tomato oil is a high-calorific product, a source of valuable physiologically active agents: fat-soluble vitamins, fitosterol, etc. At internal application oil of seeds of a tomato prevents processes of aging in an organism, improves immunity, helps a conclusion of heavy metals, normalizes cholesteric and fatty exchange (thanks to existence of fitosterol promotes decrease in concentration of cholesterol in blood), promotes digestion of proteins, increase in elasticity and permeability of vessels, interferes with development of atherosclerosis.

Oil of tomato stones is ideal for oily skin. In the course of application reduces production of skin fat for optimum level, helping skin to remain optimum humidified and protected. An effective remedy against aging. Restores smoothness and elasticity to skin. Gives to face skin pleasant healthy color. Excellent antioxidant. At application well drains skin, removing disintegration products. Strengthens walls of vessels, promoting disappearance of a couperosis.

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