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Avocado oil in capsules.

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Масло авокадо

Avocado oil in capsules.

Oil of avocado is rich with lecithin – the major construction component for a brain, heart and nerves. This substance ensures effective functioning of cardiovascular and nervous systems, takes part in production of the hormones necessary for functioning of a liver, a pancreas and a reproductive system and also improves assimilation by an organism of the major vitamins.

Oil of avocado has a pleasant smell with a nut flavoring shade, possesses highly nourishing and tastes, in it the big level of content of digestible fats, essential oils, antioxidants (skvalen in particular), there are major vitamins (A, E, C, groups B, D), macro - and minerals (calcium, zinc, iodine, potassium, etc.) and also mass of active components which in general also allocate it with cosmetic and curative properties.

Lecithin as a part of oil of avocado possesses favorable impact on nervous system (TsNS), a brain, a liver and integuments of the person and also significantly improves functioning of a cardiac muscle and a condition of capillaries, vessels, veins and arteries. Skvalen in avokadovy oil shows the wound healing, recovery and regenerating properties, supporting skin both outside, and from within.

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