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Seal fat in capsules.

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Seal fat in capsules.

Seal fat is not medicamentous means, it is dietary supplement which can be bought in the liquid state in a bottle or in capsules, a product is produced both in Russia, and in Ukraine different producers. It is the transparent oily liquid having soft quite tolerable taste and a smell. Its structure is very many-sided and contains huge value for health of the person. Fatty acids known as Omega-3 and Omega-6, dokozageksayenovy, dokozapentayenovy and eykozapentayenovy acids.

Seal fat is on sale in a different look – in capsules of various capacity (0,25 g and 0,34 g) and in the liquid state, in each case it is worth reading the instruction attached to dietary supplement where the exact dosage for reception will be specified. The minimum dose for strengthening of immunity and improvement of the general state of health for adults makes 1 capsule three times a day, maximum – 2-3 (depending on capsule volume). If it is about liquid dietary supplement, then it is authorized to adult to accept on the 2nd teaspoons of fat twice a day, and to children up to 12 years – on one. The course of treatment has duration – 30 days. It is worth repeating it not earlier, than in half a year. In a case with the people having cancer tumors and taking a chemotherapy course it is expedient to consult to the doctor concerning duration of a course of treatment and dosages.

Seal fat is the most easily acquired human body among fats of animal origin and surpasses even cod-liver oil in versatility of useful properties. Seal fat represents environmentally friendly raw materials as seals live in latitudes where the majority of pathogenic organisms perishes. Seal fat is produced also in the natural form and in a capsular form. Its valuable biochemical structure is capable to provide our organism with all necessary useful substances. The main components – polynonsaturated fatty acids (PNZhK), in particular the Omega-3.

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