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Peach oil in capsules.

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Персиковое масло

Peach oil in capsules.

Peach oil richly polynonsaturated fatty acids. Is a part of fatty acids: oleic acid (from 55 to 67%); acid linoleic (in the range from 15 up to 35%); acid palmitic (from 5 to 8%); acid palmitoleinovy (about 1%); acid stearin (up to 3%) and some other fatty acids. oil contains carotinoids (organic pigments, give color of fruits) and mineral substances: phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium. All this demonstrates such properties of peach oil which are capable to rejuvenate and strengthen skin.

Peach oil is received from peach stones. It is wrung out by means of a method of cold pressing and filtered. Chemical composition: fatty acids – olein, linoleic, linolenic, stearin and also palmitic; vitamins – And, With, E, P and groups B; minerals – calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron; bioflavonoids; carotinoids; antioxidants.

Peach oil is extracted from stones of the fruit of the same name. Used this precious natural gift in Ancient China. In ancient manuscripts researchers found a set of descriptions of how applied oil of peach stones earlier. Greased with it hands at medical massage, used inside from different diseases as soothing and also used for care of skin. Today peach oil — very popular cosmetic which is considered the budgetary replacement to expensive creams.

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