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Thistle oil in capsules.

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Масло thistle

Thistle oil in capsules.

Thistle oil from spots, gastric diseases, from hepatitis or a lock in capsules is much more convenient — it is not necessary to pour previously a pressing in a spoon, carefully measuring quantity. Besides, the capsule can swallow and be not to felt taste which is pleasant to not everyone. The useful product is longer stored in a capsular form than usual — 2 years. Accept capsules as well as usual means — twice or three times a day, together with food or on an empty stomach, depending on a concrete illness. One capsule contains a single dose of medicine, on volume approximately equal to a tea spoon. Respectively, and the daily number of capsules should not exceed 3 pieces.

Oil of a thistle is considered fine means for strengthening of protective forces. Thanks to a complex quite rich vitamin mineral this product enhances immunity and also is capable to improve health at colds, restores after long serious illnesses, operations, beam and chemotherapy.

Oil of a thistle helps to protect from negative aggressive action of free radicals and toxic substances not only our liver, but also all human body. Thanks to the antioxidants which are contained in oil, processes of cell aging are slowed down and the risk of development of oncological diseases decreases. Polynonsaturated acids which in considerable quantity are a part of oil well influence cardiovascular system. At its constant use lipidic exchange will be normalized, to decrease cholesterol level, to be supported normal coagulability of blood. The nonsaturated acids which are a part of oil, magnesium, vitamin E and biological active agents promote strengthening and increase in elasticity of walls of vessels.

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