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Jojoba oil in capsules.

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Jojoba oil in capsules.

Jojoba oil creates an air-tight maximum protective barrier thin, invisible to an eye. It does not leave a greasy luster on skin and hair, at the same time without blocking normal functioning of skin, keeping its natural humidity, not detaining evaporation of gases and water vapor. Possesses unique protective UF properties and protects skin from harmful effects of the environment.

Jojoba oil — one of the most popular in beauty industry. On its basis make various face creams, hair balms, the various looking after means for a body and strengthening of nails. Jojoba oil feeds, softens and moisturizes the skin, struggles with wrinkles and flabbiness, renders lifting effect. It possesses the strongest antioxidant action, removes irritation, saves from heat-spots and eels. Thanks to the invaluable medicinal properties jojoba oil deservedly carries the name "liquid gold".

Jojoba oil has the low level of a komedogennost 2 and also has antiseptic properties therefore it is very effective for treatment of acne rash. Jojoba oil can be applied to prevention and elimination of extensions of skin after pregnancy or at change of body weight.

Jojoba oil capsulation?

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