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OMEGA-6 in capsules.

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Omega-6 in capsules.

Omega-6 triglycerides make impact on a human body. Namely, improve immunity, maintain integrity of cages, normalize lipidic metabolism, hold moisture in a term. These acids use for treatment of osteoporosis, eye pathologies, alcoholism, atherosclerosis, eczema, an acne, an allergy, oncology, ulcers, tuberculosis.

The norm an omega-6 is 8 grams (8% of the general caloric content of food a day). Useful properties of a lipid are shown only in the presence of fats an omega-3. That the organism fully extracted all nutrients from food, watch quantity of the consumed PNZhK in day. An optimum ratio of triglycerides the omega-3 to an omega-6 makes one to six.

Linoleic acid is a sunflower oil, cotton oil, soy oil oil of a phytogenesis, oils of a primrose of vespers, rape oil, corn oil the level of triglycerides reduces. Long and chained omega-3-PNZhK at reception them as additive to food in a dose of 8 grams a day can cause increase in level of lipoproteins. With the help the Omega-6 is supported the normal level of cholesterol in blood that prevents atherosclerosis. Fatty acids improve appearance of skin and hair. An omega-6 also participate in regeneration of tissues of the person.

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