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Castor oil in capsules.

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Касторовое масло

Castor oil in capsules.

Castor oil for 85% consists of ritsinolevy acid that does it by valuable chemical raw materials. Oleic acid (2%), linoleic acid (1%), linolenic, stearin and palmitic acids (on 0,5%), other acids (0,5%). The castor seed contains ricin which is toxic. Therefore collecting a castor-bean tree takes place not without risk for health of collectors who often suffer from harmful by-effects. These questions of health care promote search of alternative sources of receiving necessary acids.

In cosmetology castor oil is used as the looking after hair preparation, for eyelashes, for lips, for heels. The antimicrobic activity of ritsinoleinovy acid allows to use castor oil at fungal and bacterial infections (including at mycoses of nails and fingers), inflammatory diseases of internals and skin, infectious diseases in gynecology, a keratoza, the cutting herpes, a chronic itch by which infectious diseases, spots are followed.

Castor oil fine antifungal and antimicrobial means. It suppresses process of reproduction of bacteria and viruses, a mold, barmy fungi. Castor oil is well absorbed in body tissue, is active them feeding and humidifying. Has wound healing properties. Get a product from a castor-bean tree in several ways: by cold pressing (a product of the superior quality); hot extraction; extraction to solvents.

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