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Cashew oil in capsules.

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Масло кешью

Cashew oil in capsules.

Oil from nuts of cashew influences an organism as follows: promotes pressure decrease; normalizes cholesterol level that is especially important at atherosclerosis; in a complex strengthens immunity, helps to resist to the infections and diseases which arose against the background of the weakened organism forces (it is relevant at dystrophy, anemia, during pregnancy and feeding, at physical activities, etc.); strengthens vessels, well influences work of heart and all haematogenic system; being a nutritious product, qualitatively sates and reduces thirst for sweets.

Magnesium plays a large role in maintenance of health in a human body. There is a lot of this element in cashew oil. To use this oil – means, to create conditions that muscles were in a tone that a metabolism and functioning of immune system was at optimum level. And still magnesium provides an opportunity to better acquire calcium and regulates blood pressure.

The product of cashew possessing an optimum ratio of acids and useful elements oil is applied in basic spheres of maintenance by the person of health and beauty: in medicine, in cosmetology branch and services, in cooking. The radio concentrate will become a power source of an organism, shine of skin and good mood. Cashew oil — the transparent vyazkovaty liquid of slightly yellowish color possessing a saturated nut smell.

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