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Oil suspensions in capsules.

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Масляные суспензии

Oil suspensions in capsules.

Oil suspensions for internal application - the liquid dosage forms representing two-phase systems in which as the dispersive environment serves water, and a disperse phase - fat oils (seldom essential oils, balms, etc.). Emulsions like M/V for external application and an emulsion of the return type (V/M) are characteristic of liniment and emulsion ointments. Emulsions always ekh tempore prepare. In the biopharmaceutical relation of an emulsion possess; number of positive properties.

At production of oil suspensions the broadest application as emulsifiers was found by natural hydrophilic high-molecular connections - proteins, for gum, slime, pectins. Also some synthetic and semi-synthetic Naval Forces are applied. All these emulsifiers on the structure can be carried to three groups: nonionic, to ampholytes and ionogenic: to substances. About the value of emulsifiers judge by what degree of dispersion they are capable to give to the dispersed oil and what for this purpose is required optimum quantity them for a covering of all surface of a disperse phase by a film which mechanical properties are capable to interfere with its break.

Suspensions of substances with unsharply expressed hydrophobic properties. Carry salol to this group of substances, terpin-hydrate, not soluble sulfanylamides in water, etc. At their production count the mass of the stabilizer. - the latoza as the stabilizer is taken in number of '/2 mass of substance. The mass of water for receiving primary pulp is counted as a half-sum of mass of medicinal substance and the stabilizer.

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