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Plum oil in capsules.

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Сливовое масло

Plum oil in capsules.

Oil of a plum stone is widely used by producers of cosmetics. It can be seen in compoundings of such well-known companies, for the dry, injured skin only two vegetable oils - almond and oil of plum stones are used.

As a part of plum oil about 92% of nonsaturated fatty acids which in turn include linolenic (Omega-3), linoleic (Omega-6) and olein (Omega-9) contain. Meanwhile, saturated fatty acids are presented palmitic and stearin which percentage ratio is insignificant. Besides, as a part of this useful product there is a vitamin row: And, E, F, B, C along with such minerals as potassium salts, iron, copper, zinc, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Due to such rich structure plum oil can be used as effective treatment-and-prophylactic remedy.

On structure oil of plum is between typical kostochkovy oils (almonds, an apricot, a peach) and hazelnut. Therefore it more other representatives of the sort Plum is suitable for care of problem skin. Some users note the matting effect, lack of a greasy luster on the fat and combined skin, without peresushivaniye of dry sites. We recommend to combine in this case plum with watermelon oil, grapes oil, oil cuckooing, apple oil. Perfectly will be suitable for winter care of such types of skin when more rich textures are required. Thanks to high content scale – tocopherol and to zhirnokislotny structure, oil is considered very stable and suitable for frying.

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