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Nitroglycerine in capsules.

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Nitroglycerine in capsules.

Nitroglycerine at application sublingual begins to work 1-1.5 minutes later after application. The effect proceeds on continuation about thirty minutes. From a surface of mucous it is soaked up quickly and completely. At once gets to a system blood-groove. If means is applied in a dose of 0,5 mg, its bioavailability is equal to 100%, and the maximum concentration in plasma is noted 5 minutes later. Distribution volume very big.

Nitroglycerine in capsules is appointed in the same cases, as in tablets. The capsule needs to be accepted sublingual, to rassasyvat until it completely is not dissolved. Single reception – on one-two capsules. The dosage can decrease depending on a condition of the patient (the procedure of therapy similar, only the capsule needs to be rassasyvat not completely, and to spit out it when there is about a half).

Nitroglycerine is capable to release the nitrogen oxide representing the natural endotelialny relaxing factor from the molecule. Connection increases concentration of a cyclic guanozinmonofosfataza in a cage that interferes with penetration of ions of calcium into gladkomyshechny cages and provokes their relaxation. Relaxation of smooth muscles of a vascular wall leads to expansion of vessels that reduces load of heart and the need of a myocardium for oxygen.

Nitroglitsirin's capsulation?

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