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Oil passion fruit in capsules.

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Oil passion fruit in capsules.

Oil passion fruit has febrifugal, antimicrobial and laxative properties. The ability to improve work of a gastrointestinal tract, to reduce cholesterol level in blood and to bring toxins, uric acid and other products of exchange out of an organism belongs to other useful properties of passion fruit. Pulp of passion fruit is a source of food fibers which content in some grades reaches 27%. Cellulose provides removal of cholesterol from an organism and also protection of a mucous membrane of a large intestine.

Oil of a passionflower (passion fruit) is edible oil. Its pleasant smell and taste allows to use it for seasoning of salads and in preparation of various dishes. In combination with small rice and asaa oil - it is recommended for care of hair and in sun-protection cosmetics. In a number of lines of professional cosmetics, oil of a passionflower (passion fruit) is also successfully used as a part of the restoring masks for hair.

Oil of passion fruit contains so many antioxidants that in cosmetics predovtrashchat photoageing of skin from sunlight! The unique composition of oil of passion fruit is explained by unique availability of nonsaturated useful acids. Thanks to high concentration of nonsaturated fatty acids oil perfectly restores skin, deletes inflammations, irritations, dryness and peeling. It is quickly absorbed by skin, without leaving at the same time oil gloss.

Oil capsulation passion fruit?

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