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Primrose oil in capsules.

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Масло шиповника

Dogrose oil in capsules.

Oil of a dogrose represents viscous liquid with slightly bitterish taste and luscious wood aroma. Its color can vary from pink with a golden outflow to orange and even dark red. It depends on a species of a plant and the place where it grew. The oil received from seeds of a wild dogrose is the real concentrate of vitamins and other useful substances.

Oil of a dogrose contains almost all fat-soluble vitamins (And, E, beta carotene), and it means that the beneficial influence on skin and mucous will be provided. And it is not all. They will help to improve a hormonal background, will keep sight, will strengthen cellular walls. Besides fat-soluble, vitamins C, F, K and group B almost in full strength are a part of oil of a dogrose. This product is rich with antioxidants which allow to slow down aging process, help to reduce risks of emergence of cancer cells and have the expressed anti-inflammatory effect.

This unique natural product contains huge amount of saturated and nonsaturated fatty acids (palmitic, linoleic, olein, etc.), it is vitamin-rich also antioxidants (and especially vitamin E, A, C, F), the major minerals (including iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, etc.). Availability of the major fatty acids in oil of a dogrose causes its many useful properties, in particular regular application for skin leads to strengthening of protective properties of skin (immunity), restoration of cellular exchange, acceleration of natural processes of cellular updating, prevention of aging (emergence of early wrinkles) thanks to what skin keeps a young, fresh and attractive look for many years.

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