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Filbert oil in capsules.

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Масло фундука

Filbert oil in capsules.

In fundukovy oil very high content of proteins which can be equated to meat products. It is an ideal nutritious product with a faultless ratio of the minerals and amino acids promoting their full assimilation. It is possible to accept this oil even at the most strict diets in view of almost zero content of carbohydrates. As prophylactic warns muscular and heart diseases, cancer of digestive bodies, promotes removal of slags, stimulates clarification of an organism. Application inside promotes disposal of nephroliths.

Oil of a filbert improves a condition of warm vascular system. It strengthens a cardiac muscle, reduces the level of bad cholesterol and risk of emergence of atherosclerosis. It is necessary in food of athletes. Vitamin E and protein perfectly influence growth of muscle bulk, and also strengthen a bone tissue. Oil of a filbert revitalizes immune system, reliably protecting from viruses and colds. Helps with fight against anemia. A large amount of iron perfectly increases hemoglobin level in blood, improves process of blood formation in an organism.

Nut oil of a filbert fills reserves of important minerals, such as iron, calcium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus, copper. The organism is positively affected by monononsaturated fatty acids. For example, carry linoleic, palmitic and stearin acids to those. Hazelnut – the champion on the content of oleic acid.

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