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Mink fat in capsules.

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Норковый жир

Mink fat in capsules.

Mink fat contains huge amount (from 15 to 19%) of palmitooleinovy acid. In such quantity it does not contain in one natural cosmetic component. In total this product contains about 75% of fatty acids. They get into skin, giving it velvet. Among them: miristoleinovy; miristilovy; stearin; palmitic; linoleic; olein. Mink fat has the highest level of absorption of ultraviolet rays in comparison with other animal fats. He possesses the highest coefficient of distribution and creates a uniform thin layer when drawing on skin. It is absolutely safe, does not turn rancid: even after ten years' storage the smell of a fresh product remains.

Fat of a mink will help to prevent defeats of interarticular surfaces. Apply it to removal of inflammations in joints. Varicosity. So at the heart of structure there are fatty acids, they also will help to cope with varicosity. Getting into deep layers of epidermis and muscular tissue, mink fat will oxygenate blood, to accelerate processes of restoration of fabrics and to remove inflammatory process. Apply substance from varicosity outwardly, rubbing in skin. Besides fatty acids, polynonsaturated fats, as a part of substance there are vitamins – B, PP, K, F, D. Which in a complex have antioxidant effect, nourish skin with nutritious minerals and externally revitalize it.

Mink fat well influences skin of any type. It promotes restoration of natural humidity of skin, possesses the softening action, calms the angry skin of hands and faces, eliminates small injuries of skin. Thanks to the really unique structure mink fat is capable to protect skin from aggressive influence of the environment during the period and ultra-violet radiation. Mink fat effectively fights against aging and withering of skin. Regular external use of mink fat promotes increase in elasticity of face skin and a zone of a decollete, elimination of small mimic wrinkles and "goose pads", levels complexion, helps to eliminate pigmentary spots. Mink fat is also applied to care of hair and head skin.

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