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Fir oil in capsules.

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Пихтовое масло

Fir oil in capsules.

Essential fir oil is known from time immemorial the curative qualities therefore and today did not lose the relevance and is applied in traditional and official medicine in therapy of many illnesses. Receive this really curative product from needles and young sprouts of a fir. Externally is a liquid with the expressed coniferous aroma which composition is rich with glycerides, acids, aldehydes and other components.

Fir oil is often applied in the preventive purposes and treatments of pulmonary diseases and the top airways, a SARS, flu, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, has the calming and expectorant effect, removes irritation. This curative product is rich with pro-vitamins and phytoncides that allows to apply effectively it as means to the general strengthening of the organism increasing its protective forces. Its action is simply invaluable at frostbites and overcooling.

Fir oil is applied outwardly to therapy of various diseases. For treatment of cold and antritis. Fir oil is very effective at various virus and infectious processes. In the presence of a herpetic bubble it should be greased with this means 3 times a day within a week. As a result from displays of a virus there will be no trace left also. At inflammation of gums it is necessary to process them the Q-tip moistened in oil 2 times a day. At the same time it is necessary to refrain from food for half an hour. Then to rinse a mouth.

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