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OMEGA-3 in capsules.

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Omega-3 in capsules.

Omega-3 polynonsaturated fatty acids (alpha and linolenic, eykozapentayenovy, dokozageksayenovy). The person does not synthesize fatty acids from more simple substances though he can form dlinnotsepochechny and of more korotkotsepochechny with efficiency about 6% at men with higher efficiency at women. At presence of omegas-6-fatty acids of reaction are slowed down. Accumulation the Omega-3 in fabrics is the most effective, receiving at food or when the competing quantities of omegas-6-analogs are low.

The advantage of polysaturated fatty acids for the person is enormous. The omega 3 provides protection of internal resources of an organism against diseases, prevents tromboobrazovany and inflammatory processes. Helps vessels, sight, hair, reproductive function and also is famous for a set of other useful properties. The most effective dosage form in the encapsulated look - round gelatin capsules.

Omega-3 are irreplaceable fatty acids. This name was given by researchers who found their role in growth of children and teenagers. A small amount an omega-3 in a diet supported normal growth, and the bigger quantity had no additional effect. Inclusion in food of 2-3 grams of the biological additives containing an omega-3 fatty acids promote decrease in level of triglycerides in blood for 30-40% at people. Alpha and linolenic acid (the average and chained omega which is contained in chestnuts, fresh vegetables and vegetable oil) effectively reduces the level of triglycerides. Long and chained omega-3-PNZhK at their reception as additive to food in a dose ~ 5 grams a day can cause increase in level of lipoproteins of low density approximately for 8% in the patients suffering from a gipertriglitseridemiya.

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