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Oil of stones of mango in capsules.

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Масло косточек манго

Oil of stones of mango in capsules.

Oil restores and maintains humidity of skin, stimulates cell regeneration; reduces emergence of thin lines and wrinkles; feeds hair; it helps to be protected from UF-radiation; treats rash, dermatitis and eczema; removes the naggers from stings of insects; helps to avoid extensions at pregnancy.

Mango oil is an alternative to other oils, it has before them strong advantages in what contains higher levels of fatty acids: olein – 43, stearin – 39, palmitic – 9, linoleic – 5, arakhinovy – 2, linolenic – 1 and not saponified fraction (tokoferola, sterols, carotinoids). Mango oil is steady against oxidation and has good emulsion ability.

Oil of mango possesses natural softening with properties, the wound healing and regenerating activity thanks to the high anti-oxidizing ability (antioxidant a svoytva). Oil of mango can be applied as the protectant from UF of beams. The efficiency of oil of mango for removal of wrinkles is proved. At most of the people who are daily using mango oil a current of 4-6 weeks signs of aging of skin decreased and disappearance of thin lines and small wrinkles was observed. Due to availability of tannins, oil of mango has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

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