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Cod-liver oil in capsules.

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Рыбий жир

Cod-liver oil in capsules.

Cod-liver oil — the animal fat which is contained in fish and received from fish — for example, from big, weighing 1,3 — 2,2 kg, three-blade fat cod liver. In a large number contains in sea fish of cold waters of the World Ocean — in a mackerel, a herring, other fat fishes.

Cod-liver oil well influences activity of a brain, saves from a stress and a depression. It is appointed as a part of complex therapy of psychoemotional frustration, for disposal of chronic fatigue, excitement and problems with a dream. The product improves mood and strengthens memory. There is it thanks to the vitamins and fatty acids which are its part.

Cod-liver oil contains more A and D vitamins, and fish – polynonsaturated fatty acids. Anyway both products are useful to an organism, including to strengthening of hair and nails. Many experts consider the fat extracted from meat of fish, safer product. However it is not expedient to use it as prophylactic from hypovitaminosis. In pediatrics many years apply cod-liver oil against rickets and other children's pathologies.

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