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Macadamia oil in capsules.

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Масло макадамии

Macadamia oil in capsules.

Oil of a macadamia is received from very high-calorie nuts (on 100 g of a product of 700 kcal) method of a cold extraction therefore the ready-made product keeps in itself all useful and most valuable substances. On appearance it is liquid with oily consistence of yellowish color with pleasant smack and a smell of nuts. At it there is the whole complex of natural components, it is a lot of useful fatty acids, proteins, essential oils, vitamins necessary for our organism of minerals.

Oil of nuts of a macadamia has also valuable to skin softening, moistening, antioxidant, restoring and rejuvenating properties, that is why cosmetics which included this product, is quite expensive. Oil is perfectly absorbed, without the rest on skin of traces. Oil of a macadamia is capable to reduce symptoms of display of migraine, struggles with hypovitaminoses, strengthening immunity, quinsies, slows down processes of formation of a tumor.

The main components of oil are fatty acids and minerals: selenium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium. In its structure the special place is allocated mono - and to polynonsaturated fatty acids, cellulose and also glucose and pectin. Oil is vitamin-rich groups B among which is present niatsin, a pyridoxine, folic and pantothenic acid, thiamine and Riboflavinum. And also it is possible to find vitamins A, E and D in structure. Power value in 100 grams of a product is 700 kcal.

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