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Calendula oil in capsules.

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Масло календулы

Calendula oil in capsules.

Oil of a calendula is nontoxical. It is used inside on 1 tablespoon for treatment of colitis, stomach ulcers, gastritises, diseases of a liver and biliary tract. Oil of a calendula normalizes a female hormonal background and regulates a menstrual cycle. It is used at climacteric frustration as it is powerful antidepressant. Means is drunk for half an hour before meal twice a day on 1 tablespoon. Oil of a calendula is applied to treatment of otitis at adults and children.

Two ways are applied to receiving oil of a calendula: maceration of inflorescences (insist on qualitative vegetable oil) and extraction by carbon dioxide. The last technique appeared relatively recently, it gives the chance to emit oil of a calendula of very high quality without excess impurity, as close as possible on structure to what is present at a plant. However the first way is considered the simplest that in many respects determines the price of oil. Oil of a calendula is the excellent Basic Element comprising enough useful components: flavonoids, carotinoids, triterpenoid, essential oil, stirol.

Oil of a calendula is received from plant inflorescences with the name of the same name. In common people it is accepted to call these flowers a marigold. The curative elixir of this oil was always appreciated worth its weight in gold. As a part of oil of a calendula there is a set of active microbiological agents among which there is following: — carotene; — pectin; — flavonoids; — antioxidants. Thanks to these components oil of a calendula is applied in traditional and traditional medicine, cosmetology. Oil of a calendula is not poisonous. At treatment of some diseases it is applied inside. It can be the following illnesses: stomach ulcers of a stomach, duodenum or intestines; defeat or stone disease of a gall bladder or liver; frustration of a climax.

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