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Pecan oil in capsules.

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Масло ореха пекан

Pecan oil in capsules.

Oil of pecan allows to cope with many diseases of an organism. The whole complex of useful vitamins, minerals and macrocells which positively influence an organism is the cornerstone of it and promote completion of power stocks. Oil is extracted by cold pressing. The received product differs in a pleasant golden-yellow shade, and the aroma reminds it a smell of nuts. On tasty qualities oil of black fox can be compared to olive.

These biologically active agents, as a rule, contain in different types of nuts, seeds and some plants and have property to influence well work of vessels and heart. They reduce amount of cholesterol, thereby preventing such diseases as atherosclerosis, a varicosity and coronary heart disease.

Oil black fox most often is used for gas station of various dishes from rice, polenta, mushrooms and for salads. This product is well combined with fish dishes (including, from a trout), bird and meat dishes. For example, it can be added to batter when frying fish. Also give this oil in combination with balsam vinegar and cheeses. Besides, oil of black fox is capable to give nut smack to any home-made pastries.

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