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Oil saflorovy in capsules.

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Соевое масло

Soy oil in capsules.

Soy oil helps to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol. Availability is understood not only as the low price, but also prevalence. Thanks to a unique combination of fatty acids the pressing strengthens complex effect of other useful substances preventing diseases of vessels and heart. As it was already noted, this vegetable oil which is brought most closer to cod-liver oil which has the strong stimulating and normalizing effect on metabolism.

Soy oil is liquid fat of a phytogenesis which chemical composition for 99% is presented by fatty acids. It is the transparent or translucent liquid painted in shades of yellow color oily to the touch. By production by pressing gleams amber shades.

Not refined soy oil whose period of storage is prolonged due to hydration, however is considered more popular and useful substances in it remain. This oil contains a lot of lecithin that improves brain activity. It is recommended to add in a small amount to vegetable salads, and it is impossible to fry on this oil as at its heating carcinogens, harmful to an organism, are formed.

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