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Liquid aspirin in capsules.

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Жидкий аспирин

Liquid aspirin in capsules.

Aspirin — nonsteroid resolvent. Antiagregant. At the heart of the mechanism of antiagregantny effect of acetilsalicylic acid (ASK — active ingredient of Aspirin) the irreversible inhibition of a tsiklooksigenaza (TsOG-1) therefore synthesis of a tromboksan of A2 is blocked lies and aggregation of platelets is suppressed. It is considered that ASK has also other mechanisms of suppression of aggregation of platelets that expands the field of its application at various vascular diseases.

Active agent of medicine — acetilsalicylic acid (sometimes it is mistakenly called "acetsilt acid") — belongs to group of nonsteroid anti-inflammatory HP which mechanism of action is implemented at the expense of an irreversible inactivation of the COX enzyme playing an important role in synthesis of tromboksan and Pg.

For fluidifying of blood, prevention of developing of thromboses, treatment of diseases of a myocardium and a headache Aspirin is intended – the instruction for application of a medicine contains all necessary data for the patient. Medicine is known the ability to remove heat and to stop a pain syndrome due to active structure. Study the instruction for its application.

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